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4 injured after tree falls on car in San Francisco's Fillmore District

AIFICIAL SAN FRANCISCO - Four people suffered minor injuries in San Francisco Friday when a tree fell on a car in the Fillmore District, according to fire officials.

The San Francisco Fire Department tweeted about the incident shortly after 5:30 p.m., saying that the tree fell at at Golden Gate Ave. and Laguna St.

The post did not specify a time that the incident happened, orsay whether the vehicle was moving when the tree hit it. 

Four occupants in a car were injured, according to fire officials. The occupants were being evaluated by department paramedics. There was no immediate indication of how serious the injuries were.

San Francisco Fire later confirmed that the four adults who were hurt suffered minor injuries. All four were transported to an area hospital for further evaluation.

Officials said the car was sitting at the intersection when the tree fell on the vehicle. 

Multiple lanes are currently closed in all directions at the intersection, authorities said. Drivers are advised to seek alternate routes. 

Fire crews remain at the scene waiting for SF Department of Public Works to arrive to cut up and remove the tree.

Fire officials also asked drivers to slow down in the storm weather


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