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Jeff Bezos Sparks Bitcoin Investment Rumors After Stock Liquidation

AIFICIAL CRYPTO - Bezos rumored to invest in Bitcoin after selling $8.5B in Amazon shares

The crypto world is buzzing with rumors that Jeff Bezos, the brains behind Amazon, might be stepping into Bitcoin investment. This speculation comes from Apollo co-founder Thomas Fahrer's suggestion on X (formerly Twitter) that Bezos's latest financial moves hint at a growing interest in BTC.

Bezos's recent activities, including selling $8.5 billion of Amazon stock and dining with Bitcoin supporter Michael Saylor, are seen as potential signs of his entry into Bitcoin. Their dinner, attended by celebrities and business giants, has sparked conversations about Bezos’s possible investment in digital currency, especially with Saylor's known advocacy for Bitcoin.

Adding to the speculation, Bit Paine from the BTC community made a humorous remark about Bezos buying Bitcoin, contrasting it with past investments by others using dubious funds.

Crypto analyst InvestAnswers noted a new Bitcoin wallet transaction of 26,200 BTC, worth $51K each, suggesting it might belong to a high-profile investor like Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, or a sovereign wealth fund, especially since it's unlinked to any ETFs. Bezos's sale of 50 million Amazon shares for about $8.5 billion, after the stock’s 76% surge over the past year, alongside this mysterious Bitcoin purchase, has fueled further speculation.

InvestAnswers pointed out a "monster $1.3BN Bitcoin buy," speculating on the buyer’s identity and its bullish signal for Bitcoin.

Despite the intense speculation, there's no direct evidence tying Bezos to Bitcoin investments. The crypto community continues to search for more definitive signs. At the moment, BTC's price stands at $62,566, leaving the community eager for any confirmation of Bezos’s involvement.


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