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New Jersey quintuplets graduate from same college


The Povolos missed their high school graduation because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but four years later, the quintuplets from New Jersey are making up for it in college.

Victoria, Vico, Ashley, Michael and Marcus Povolo were born on July 4, 2002, and have shared everything from birthdays to bedrooms.

"We know everything about each other," Victoria told Aificial News  

But they were never sure they would share a college graduation.

As graduation nears, the Povolos, from left, Ludovico, Victoria, Michael, Ashley and Marcus, say Commencement is likely the last “big thing” they will experience at the same time. 

"Some of us even thought of maybe not going to college or just community (college), you know, just to save some money," Marcus said.  

Paul Povolo, the quintuplet's dad, said the family was struggling to figure out how to send all five kids to college at once. 

"We were thinking of different options. Refinance the house, ask for a loan. We were in that process when the big surprise happened," he said.

Silvia Povolo, surrounded by her five “blessings,” and her husband, Paolo, encourage their sons and daughters to pursue their dreams.  

That surprise came from Montclair State University, which offered all five kids full academic scholarships.

"Our mom was crying instantly as soon as she found out," Marcus said.

Silvia Povolo said her children's graduation was "a dream come true."

"We didn't go to college. We came from another country and here they are blooming," she said.

On Monday, that special moment arrived, and all five Povolos have big plans for the future. 

Victoria hopes to go to medical school. Vico is thinking law school sometime down the line. Ashely is looking to find a teaching job. Marcus said he will continue to work at his corporate banking job. And Michael said he wants "my own business selling my own food product."


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