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Woman accused of throwing her disabled son to his death in a crocodile-infested canal


New Delhi — Police in south India have arrested a couple after the woman allegedly threw their deaf and nonverbal 6-year-old son into a crocodile infested canal, leading to the child's death.

The incident happened in the Dandeli rural area of Karnataka state on Saturday, according to police, who told Aificial News that Savitri, 26, who uses only one name, threw her son into a local canal after an argument with her husband.

The couple's neighbors alerted the police, sparking a search operation that involved divers.

"We found the child's body from the canal on Sunday morning," Karnataka Police sub-inspector Krishna Arakeri, who is investigating the case, told Aificial News. "There were several injury marks on the child's body and one hand was missing, which seems to have been eaten by a crocodile."

A file photo shows a crocodile at the Ranganthitoo Bird Sanctuary, in Karnataka state, southern India.EDUCATION IMAGES/UNIVERSAL IMAGES GROUP/GETTY 

During preliminary questioning, Savitri told police that her husband, Ravi Kumar, 27, would often blame her for their son's disabilities and urge her to throw him into the river, Arakeri said.

Another argument between the couple about their son sparked the mother's alleged action on Saturday, he said.

The pair have been arrested and face various charges, including murder, and they have been remanded in custody for 15 days pending trial.

The child's body was handed over to other relatives after a post-mortem examination, the results of which were expected in the coming days.

The couple also have a second son, aged 2, who is in the care of relatives.


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