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Zeke Cohen wins race for Baltimore City Council President


BALTIMORE - Baltimore City Councilmember Zeke Cohen won the Democratic primary election for Baltimore City Council President on Tuesday night.

Cohen launched his campaign in March, challenging Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby. He said he believed the city's existing leaders were "impeding" Baltimore's progress and growth.

Cohen represented Baltimore's 1st District.

Zeke Cohen takes the lead in Baltimore's City Council President primary race (WBFF)

In August 2023 he led a fundraising campaign to raise $15,000 for the Patterson Park Splash pad.  The 70-year-old pool had been deemed dangerous after being patched.

In May 2023, he agreed to a compromise with Baltimore City schools that extended youth-serving summer programs to five days a week. 

Cohen also spoke out about addressing the rise of car thefts in Baltimore City, an issue that city and state leaders are still working to solve.


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